Creating Speech Therapy Lesson Plans for Themes

SLP theme planning

As a school-based SLP, I typically like to follow a curriculum-based approach to therapy. I like to tie my speech therapy lesson plans to the themes the classroom teachers are doing. For instance, if 3rd grade is working on nocturnal animals, then I will look for books and materials on owls, etc. If 1st grade is doing a space unit, then I will guide my activities to have a similar theme. Do you do the same? I wanted to make speech therapy lesson plans for year-round themes with an editable template so that I can see all the books, digital activities, games, crafts, etc. that I have. I finally organized all my TPT downloads on my Google Drive for easy access (I’ll show you how to color-code them too!) This way, I’m not wasting time and productivity digging through storage cabinets or scrolling my computer files wondering where something is. Here is my SLP planner for themes in Speech Therapy!

At-A-Glance Planning for Themes:

I sat down and took a good look at what seasonal themes I typically do. This REALLY helped me organize my planning. No more showing up on Monday without a clue what I would do in speech that week! There are some units that aren’t necessarily “seasonal” but that every classroom teacher seems to do. Topics like: camping and space. I included those as well, again, to tie into the classroom curriculum. I have this at-a-glance poster by my desk!

SLP planner for back to school in speech therapy

Themed Speech Therapy Lesson Plan Templates:

This may be my newest obsession! I wanted ONE PAGE where I could see all of the books, crafts, activities, and digital resources for every theme. Again, no more wasting time looking for the craft or scrolling my computer files. I can hyperlink to digital resources and TPT downloads on my Google Drive! 

You can try it for FREE with this pirate-themed planning road map.

free pirate theme speech activities

There are over 80 editable templates in my SLP theme planner! Plus you get 8 editable calendar templates to plan each month of therapy! You can see the speech therapy lesson plans with themes in my TPT store! I think you will love planning your speech therapy sessions this way as much as I do!

If you want to see a closer look, go check out my Instagram story highlight: PLANNER for a quick walk-through!

Free monthly planning templates:

Did I mention these monthly speech therapy lesson plans templates are editable? Click each month below to read about how I plan around seasonal themes. You can download all 12 months in the FREE LIBRARY section of this blog!













Organizing TPT downloads on your Google Drive:

I was quickly losing space on my computer at the same time losing my mind trying to find all the downloads on my computer. I spent some time last week creating folders for easy organization. Follow these steps to finally get control of your files!

Go to your Google Drive (use your personal one – not school one) Click “New” in the top left. Then “Folder” and name it. Think of how you want to organize – by age, by topic (Articulation, AAC, Following Directions, etc) by season?? It’s up to you!

You can do sub-folders inside others. I have a “HOLIDAYS” folder with “Christmas” “Halloween” etc. inside it. Just my preference on how I like to arrange things.

You can then color-code if you’d like! Click the folder name, then scroll down to “change color” and click one of the options.

Here is a look at my Google Drive. You can also select how to view it by clicking in the top right by the down arrow (the default is by name).

Inside of the “THEME ROAD MAPS” is where I have all the theme templates like the free pirate road map.

On those theme road maps, you can hyperlink to any online activity, or file in your Google Drive, etc.

I hope this helps you get ideas on how to organize your materials! Let me know your thoughts!

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