April Speech Therapy Lesson Plans

I’m SO ready for SPRING, y’all! The nice weather here in Texas allows me to take my speech therapy sessions outside. This time of year is filled with referrals and paperwork, so this change of pace is much needed for both my students and myself! It also allows me to offer special outdoor activities for my students. Any fellow SLPs also taking their kiddos outside? Drop a comment and let me know. ☀️ Be sure to grab your FREE copy of these April speech therapy lesson plans at the bottom of this post!

My hope in creating these monthly themed planners has always been help out my fellow SLPs with planning, especially during the busiest times of the year. I hope that these lesson plans help you stay organized during this busy month as you power through your reports! Download all the free Spring Language Bookmarks to use with these books, then read on for my tips for April.

This post contains Amazon affiliate links if you wish to add these book recommendations to your personal library. This is at no cost to you and helps support this blog!

FREE April Speech Therapy Calendar to plan themed therapy activities

WEEK 1: Springtime

BOOKS: Fletcher and the Springtime Blossoms, Bear Wants More, When Spring Comes When Spring Comes is a timely read aloud and an excellent opportunity to compare/contrast winter vs. spring. It’s also perfect for Expanding Expression Tool (EET) writing!

ARTICULATION: Dice and Dot Spring

LANGUAGE: Spring Book Companions, Dice and Dot Spring

Fletcher and the Springtime Blossoms

 WEEK 2: Weather

BOOKS: Worm Weather, Goodbye Winter, Hello Spring, Move Over, Rover

ARTICULATION: Match and Say Spring, Quick-Play Spring, Rainbow Craft

LANGUAGE: Match and Say Spring, Rainbow Craft The Rainbow Craft continues to be a go-to activity since it targets both articulation and language, and also brightens up my room as colorful decor!

Picture of Spring Articulation Game







WEEK 3: Earth Day

BOOKS: My Friend Earth, The Earth Book, Recycle! Earth Day is such a great opportunity to let your kids be creative and resourceful! I bring in food containers that I’ve saved like egg cartons, butter tubs, bottles and caps, etc. (students love bringing in these items too!). After reading Recycle!, we discuss how reusing things is another way that we can help the Earth. We look at the different items that everyone brought in and talk about if they can be recycled or reused for a different purpose. This activity is great for targeting problem/solution and inference!

ARTICULATION: 100 Articulation Trials (Earth Day page), 50 Earth Articulation Trials (Earth Day page)

LANGUAGE: Earth Day Lap Book This creative activity is great for reinforcing all the concepts we’ve covered throughout the week!

Student holding Earth Day lap book

WEEK 4: Bugs

BOOKS: Bee: A Peek-Through Picture Book,The Very Quiet Cricket, Hank’s Big Day: The Story of a Bug I am obsessed with the book Bee: A Peek-Through Picture Book! It is such an engaging book that allows me to integrate science AND tier 3 words into my sessions!

ARTICULATION: 100 Articulation Trials (snails page)

LANGUAGE: Dice and Dot Bugs (coming soon!)

100 Articulation Trials

⬇️Let me know if the comments which activity was your students’ favorite! ⬇️

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If you want to see next month’s calendar for May, check it out HERE. Editable templates are also available in my TpT store.

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