12 FREE Christmas Activities For Speech Therapy

12 FREE Speech Therapy Christmas activities

FREE Christmas Activities for Speech Therapy

I know your speech therapy room is always crazy in December. With your personal responsibilities for Christmas shopping and planning for the holidays, therapy ideas and lesson planning often take a back seat. I’m here to help with this roundup of 12 FREE Christmas activities for Speech Therapy you can use to survive until Christmas break!

Don’t forget to download the December lesson plans and themed road map!

Click any link below to download these freebies:

Christmas and Winter NO PREP – full of language activities like WH questions, vocabulary, and more!

100 Trials (printable) Christmas

50 Trials (printable) Christmas and Winter

100 Trials (printable) Christmas

50 Trials (digital) Christmas

50 and 100 Trials (printable) Christmas

Dice and Dot For Speech & Language Christmas

Reindeer /R/ Articulation – 8 pages!!! + editable

Christmas Language Bookmarks – 8 books included!

Metal Advent companion – this pairs well with the metal Advent “house” from Target. It may only be found online now, but it’s something you can use all year to work on positional goals, following directions, and more.

Christmas Tree decorating companion – You can target SO MANY concepts using a Christmas tree in your speech room: ordinal directions, positional concepts, hang up “articulation ornaments” and more!

Toy and Book Companion Gift Guide – ok, this really isn’t an activity, but if you’re still shopping or want to give a gift guide that parents will appreciate, you might like this!

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12 FREE activities for Christmas in Speech Therapy

I hope these 12 FREE Christmas activities for Speech Therapy will help you survive December!

Happy Holidays, Ashley

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