Activities For The First Day Of Speech Therapy


First Day activities in Speech Therapy

Heading back to therapy and wondering what to do that very first day you have students? We all know it’s crucial to start off positive and help kids feel comfortable. This year, I’m seeing kids in preK through 6th grade. It’s not feasible to do the SAME activity for all ages. Here are my best suggestions!
Kids like consistency, it builds trust. I always want to have a fun first-day activity, but something consistent with what a REAL day in my speech room will be like. Make sure what you show them the first day is a good preview.

Activities for younger kids in speech therapy:

For my younger kids, I have a “My First Day In Speech” flap book that we put together.
The younger students get one with a boy or girl on the front cover to color while we are talking. It has several pages that tell them what speech will be like, they tell me about themselves, their family and about their classroom. It’s a great way for me to get to know them (and think of activities they may like) and a chance for me to introduce the speech room and our goals. The kids LOVE putting this together and parents have told me the kids enjoy showing it to them!

Additionally, it has therapy reminder cards for them to either put in a homework folder or I have them tape it into their cubby or on their desktop so they can remember when they come to speech. This has help me immensely with students remembering to come or teachers remembering to send kids! Win-Win!

Activities for older kids in Speech Therapy

So, older kids certainly do NOT want to put together a cute flap book. It’s entirely possible they put it together last year, LOL. Middle Schoolers DON’T want cute.
You know what Middle and High Schoolers do want? Candy. They want candy.

I’ve seen variations of the M&M “get to know you game” on Pinterest…seriously, I remember playing it in youth group at church. It’s timeless. So I made one for speech. Actually, this activity doesn’t have to be a “first day” only – have a Friday or holiday you need a fun activity for – this will work!

Basically, you need a sheet for everyone. Be smart and laminate a few so you can reuse them. Get a bag of Skittles or M&Ms. They can eat each color as they complete the questions. I like to do it with them – they love my answers! Seriously that green one…
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