Articulation Road Map for R Sounds

I’ve stated countless times, give me ANY speech or language goal, and I can find a book to target it. Children’s books are GOLD for developing carry-over of sounds! Although the R sound is prevalent in most any picture book, I only select books that have a high count of R sounds or specifically repeat a word containing R. Additionally, I love books that offer quality vocabulary, narratives, and other literacy concepts I can incorporate. In other words, it needs to be more than just a “cute book.” I created a “Road Map” to guide activities, books, tips, and other resources for targeting the R sounds in speech therapy. You can download the full Articulation Road Map for R sounds by filling in your information at the bottom of this post! I have highlighted a few of my favorite books to use when targeting the R sound below.

Jamberry by Bruce Degen – A small boy and a friendly bear go on a berry-picking adventure!

How to use in speech:

  • high frequency of AIR, such as “shoeberry” and “moonberry”
  • initial R and recurring R sounds in words
  • simply plot, phonemic awareness

Harold and the Purple Crayon by Crockett Johnson – Harold goes for a walk bringing only his purple crayon. This story shows you just how far your imagination can take you.

How to use it in speech:

  • vocalic R sounds, specifically, AIR, ER, OR, AR
  • initial R and R blends
  • vocabulary, action words, prepositional phrases

Fill out your information below to receive the full Articulation Road Map for R sounds. You can print the Road Map on regular paper (sometimes color because, why not?) and stick the tips and activities in a folder, then clip the bookmark on the inside cover of the book. I have the student read the list as a “preview practice” prior to reading the book. You can also send them home for parents to use as homework. Hopefully, it encourages reading with their kids. I’ve even had one parent tell me they started looking for their “target sounds” in all their books at home! Score!

In search of more R resources for your therapy room? You can print a free Book List for R or see all the recommended books on my Amazon List For /R/ Articulation (affiliate link). You can also check out one of my best-selling TpT resources: Slide and Say: Vocalic R

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