Free Articulation Sound Book Activity

As many of us are looking for speech therapy activities we can send to families at home during this time of distance learning, I wanted to create an activity to encourage parents and kids reading that would also support articulation and language goals. I made the bookmarks for kids to use while reading or listening to books they already have. These can absolutely be used for in-person therapy as well! They include the option for kids to fill in their articulation sound, the title of the picture book, and all the words in the book that have their target sound. There are also pages to work on adjectives, vocabulary words, verbs, plus an editable page for specific targets (ideas include- figurative language, emotion words, proper nouns, etc.) I hope you love this resource and find it a valuable resource to support your caseload at home. Download the Free Articulation Sound Book Activity below!

FREE articulation sound finder for children's picture books. This is a great speech therapy activity to send for homework and use during distant learning.

You can download all of the free book lists on my blog if you need suggestions for specific sounds and topics. You can send these to families also to give them ideas!

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