No Prep Back To School Style

Confession, I HATE shopping for myself. I’m just so busy. As a mom running my kids everywhere and a speech therapist, I just don’t have TIME to go from store to store. I want cute outfits to wear but I always second guess & talk myself out of buying clothes – mostly thinking I won’t look good in it. Sigh. Don’t get me wrong, I like stylish clothes, I just never seem to get it all together! But, I finally found some easy solutions! Here’s my no prep style guide for shopping.

Are you on Instagram or Facebook? You need to follow The Find Auctions. They post boutique quality “finds” Wednesday night on their Facebook page and if there is a piece you like, simply comment SOLD, your size and your email address. They will email you an invoice and ship it to your door!! Yes, please! 
For trendy, inexpensive clothes, I also like getting daily emails from Jane and Groupdealz. Jane even has an app! Cute, low cost, trendy looks directly to my inbox. Double yes!
My hands down favorite “no prep” shopping site is Stitch Fix. I actually resisted it for a while; I just didn’t “get it.” About 2 years ago, I filled out their LONG questionnaire on my “style” but I actually didn’t think it was a clear idea of what I was looking for so I never ordered. 

Enter back to school shopping depression. My closet is full but “I have nothing to wear”…ever think this? Or I have great pieces, but no clue how to put things together. I finally decided I would just try ONE box. Free shipping/Free returns, what do I have to lose? And remember, I have no clothes.
WOW. Dead on exactly my style. I loved EVERY piece my stylist sent!

The thing that gave me confidence to try it again was that you can build a Pinterest board specifically of your Stitch Fix style ideas! You put the link on your account and your stylist goes to check it out when she is selecting things for you.

Another thing I love is that you set the price for how much to spend on each item. You can also select for things to NEVER be in your monthly box (I chose no purses, outerwear, shoes). 
Each month you get to leave your stylist a note for what you’d like in your box. Maybe you have a dinner event you want a new dress for. Maybe you need new jeans (like me) and you can ask for a certain style. I like this option too!

One thing that is super helpful is that with each piece, you get postcards on outfit ideas- SO helpful to me!! 
Stitch Fix has a great blog article with even more tips on how to get the best “fix” ever. It really helped me.

Want to try Stitch Fix, use my personal referral link!

I hope I’ve given you some ideas on no prep/no effort shopping. Truly, my life is so much easier. 

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