The Best Picture Books for Speech Therapy

books for speech and language therapists

Without a doubt, my passion is literacy-based speech therapy. I LOVE children’s picture books; they are an endless wealth for targeting articulation and language concepts. In this post, you will find all of my recommended picture books that are ideal for use during speech therapy! Most all of these posts have printable lists! This will be a growing list, so make sure you come back periodically to see what new books have been added to the list! You can also find all of my recommended book lists in my Amazon Store for easy shopping!

Seasonal Books for Speech Therapy

Winter: Winter Books for Speech and Language

Spring: 8 Spring Books for Speech Therapy

Summer: Summer Book Companions for Speech Therapy

Fall: Using Fall Books in Speech Therapy

Holiday Books for Speech Therapy

Valentine’s Day: Valentine’s Day Books For Speech Therapy

Valentine’s Day Book Companions

Halloween: Using Halloween Books for Speech Therapy

Thanksgiving: 6 Thanksgiving Books for Speech Therapy

Christmas: 8 Christmas Books for Speech Therapy

Books by Articulation Sound

/R/: The Best R Books for Articulation Therapy

/Sh/: Book Lists for Articulation: Sh

/L/: L Book List for Articulation Therapy

Books by Type

Cumulative: Using Cumulative Storybooks for Speech Therapy

Repetitive: Repetitive Books for Apraxia of Speech

Diverse Characters: Books to diversify your Speech Therapy Bookshelf

Wordless: Using Wordless Books in Speech Therapy

Books by Genre

Nursery Rhymes: Using Nursery Rhymes in Speech Therapy

Professional Development: The Books every SLP Should Have On Their Bookshelves

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