Using Target Dollar Spot Items In Speech Therapy: Spring

Spring Speech Therapy: Target Dollar Spot Finds

The Target Dollar Spot is my jam. I think they are onto us. They know teachers and SLPs love their stuff. The other day I was literally circling the aisles as the poor employee was unpacking boxes just waiting to pounce…I actually almost started helping her. #truestory
Do you feel me? Let’s discuss how we’re going to actually use these goodies in therapy, shall we? *Note- there is a free downloadable list at the bottom with all these ideas for you to print.

Spot It:

This is a mini version of the original game (I also see them at Christmas). NOT found in the Dollar section – I found this in the seasonal/candy section back with small Easter basket items. Great for /SP/ blends, obviously. I also use it to monitor carry-over of sounds due to the quick nature of the game, the “structure” of speech is forgotten. Spot it is also great for attributes.

Using the Easter Spot It from the Easter section of Target in Speech Therapy

Mini Erasers:

Now y’all know how much I love the mini erasers, right? You can download THIS free 100 Articulation Trials from my TpT store. Every season is different in what they offer – Party City also has great mini erasers.Using Spring mini erasers in speech therapy - free download

Bunny Tails/Cotton Candy balls:

Let students “earn” bunny tails and play a toss game into a bucket or lay out articulation cards on the floor & have students toss the bunny tails and practice the words they land on.

Felt Kits:

Perfect for following directions, requesting, describing, and sensory bins.

Sticker Packs (books of 200):

Great for mixed groups-keep little hands busy & visual discrimination because they have to search the variety packs for certain stickers. I draw a simple grid of 6 squares on paper and use for articulation sounds. /TH/ “three bunnies” “three eggs” “three flowers” or /S/ “six bunnies” “six eggs” “six flowers” etc. The students practice saying the words as they put the stickers in the correct square. At the end they review, “I have six bunny stickers.” “I have six egg stickers.” etc.

Mini drawstring bags:

Hide small objects (any item from your therapy room like paper clips) or picture cards inside and work on describing (they have to give attribute clues) or guessing games – think of how you play Headbandz.

Letter board:

I use for “word of the day,” vocabulary words, or just an inspirational quote for the week.

Doll/Play House:

I love these for following directions activities, “put the green ball in the top room” Great for answering questions, “Where is the green ball?” You can download the free printable to “decorate” rooms in the house from Teaching The Little People.

Mini Bowling Sets:

Put articulation or language cards underneath and what ever pieces they knock down, they practice those cards.

Using Target Dollar Spot Items in Speech Therapy

Mini Stamps:

You can find many of these in the Target Dollar Spot. They are a fun alternative to dot markers or coloring targets on worksheets.

Bunny Slingshot:

Tape up articulation cards or write words on a whiteboard and practice the words that you hit with the ball. Use as reinforcement- practice a word 5 times and they get a shot after 5 rounds. Fun competition for groups.

Tic Tac Toe:

These are fun for using tiny articulation cards with words under the pieces- they can practice as they play a piece in the game. Great for partner games.

Spiky Balls:

Holy sensory fidget Batman. These little things are cool! They even stack/stick together. Super motivating to earn a ball then toss into the little pattern cans they always have available. My students love competing for how many they can toss into the can.

Ideas For Using Target Dollar Spot Items In Speech Therapy

Ball Poppers (bunny, shark, unicorn, penguin):

This is a great fine motor strengthening activity. I use these popular Ball Popper Companions! Kids are OBSESSED!

Fun ball popper companions for speech therapy

Coloring Eggs:

These would be fun gifts for Easter to let them take home (obviously not reusable). I like these for following directions or matching a color pattern.


I use these for following directions and sequencing/patterns.

Wooden Toys:

Get 2 sets and have students earn the pieces. Whoever builds a burger first wins!

Whew, I hope this list helps! I know there are a MILLION other amazing ideas from my fellow Target-Loving #slpeeps. Tell me how you are using your finds in the comments below!

I made a printable list for you to download!

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