How I Organize my Speech Therapy Materials

How To Organize Speech Therapy Materials

To be honest, it took me several years to finally be happy with my organization of all my speech therapy materials. I think I waited because I wanted it to be perfect and every container and binder perfectly matching. When I decided on all white binders and clear containers, it didn’t matter if they all varied a little bit because all the labels were the same and visually appealing to the eye. 

I realized it was hurting my productivity – all the searching for that specific task card, a certain book filled with the /S/ sound, a themed activity…and WASTING time!! So let me tell you what I did about it!

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How I organize my Speech Therapy TpT Articulation Downloads

One thing is- I only have a closet to store my resources in. I don’t have a big fancy room so it’s essential I stay organized. 


Worksheets & Printables:

I print hard copies of all my resources and put them in WHITE  1 1/2 inch binders. I decided on white because I know that color is always available if I need to get more. I put a post it note that says, “hard copy” so I don’t accidentally use that sheet in therapy and I know when I need to make new copies. Download these articulation binder labels and these themed binder labels to organize all your resources once and all!

TIP: take all your bound workbooks to Office Max or Staples to have the binding cut off and have them put a 3 hole punch and put them in binders as well! This will change your life – no more slipping workbooks on your shelves!

Articulation Cards / Task Cards:

I use the Akro-Mills Storage Cabinet from Amazon (see pic below) Yes, I spray painted mine to make it pretty. You don’t have to. It holds all my Articulation cards – yes, even the full cans from Super Duper. I love that the drawers pop out easily to take to my table. It’s a great toolbox for holding small essentials you use daily like dice, post it notes, paper clips, etc. Check out how I made my Articulation Toolbox here!

organizing your articulation cards in your speech therapy room 

For on the go therapy, (traveling SLPs or push in therapy) I love the colored Michael’s 4×6 storage boxes. They stay closed when I toss them into my therapy bag! You can grab those storage box labels here.

How I organize my articulation cards for speech therapy


Themed & Holiday materials:

I use various sizes of the clear Sterilite brand containers (this is hands down my favorite brand because they stack well on my shelves) and I get them from Walmart, Target, and Amazon.
For holidays where I have a lot of resources for like Valentine’s Day, Halloween, and Christmas – I get the large, lidded storage containers. They stack well for long term storage.

SMALL ITEMS (crayons, Velcro, dot markers, mini objects, tongue depressors, small toys, etc) I use these clear shoe boxes or these square flip lid containers.

LARGE ITEMS (seasonal decor, large toys, inflatables, etc.) I use these large containers or these medium containers.

Download these speech therapy bin labels to help organize them. Again, the more organized you are, you will improve your productivity – no more searching aimlessly for where you put that play doh container or velcro dots! Additionally, you won’t buy things unnecessarily simply because you can’t find it!

Speech Therapy organization for the end of the school year


I have a LARGE collection of children’s books. See more on how I use books in therapy. I organize them by seasons or by speech sound. *see pic below I love the bright colored book bins from Lakeshore Learning, you can also get them during back-to-school time at Walmart and Target.
Download the book bin labels to organize your books!
For long term storage (like for out of season books) I put them in the sterilite containers with these labels.
How I organize my children's picture books in speech therapy
Got some good organization tips? Let me know in the comments!

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