Ideas for On-The-Go Speech Therapy Activities

Ideas for on-the-go Speech Therapy activities

Do you take your students outside the speech room for therapy activities? Or do you ever just travel room to room and not stay in one speech room? Although most of my speech time is spend in my therapy room, I love changing things up on occasion. This is especially helpful when you have kids who need to be active, students who need high engaging activities to motivate them, or you are just stuck in a rut of the same old thing. Here are some ideas to get you out of the speech room…don’t forget the link below to get your free download!

Speech Therapy Caddy

I get caddies at Michael’s, Lakeshore Learning, Hobby Lobby, and Target – they come in so many fun colors. In the past, I’ve used them for center activities and desk organization. Now I primarily use them for on-the-go speech therapy activities. 

One of the benefits I have found is this helps to limit the kids asking for other activities they find on my shelves or in my closet. So I let them know we are only doing the caddy activities. Reducing distractions is always a plus.

I love that they stack up for easy storage in my closet! 

Download this FREE caddy label for your speech therapy materials and supplies organization!


Items you can include in your Speech On-The-Go caddy:

TpT printable resources:

1/2 sheet like Battle Style Dice and Dot for Speech & Language or Articulation Trials. Task card sized resources like Articulation Cards, Phonology Cards, or Building Bricks Speech & Language fit perfectly in them also!


crayons, markers, dot markers, jumbo dice, scissors, glue sticks (use pencil pouches for more organization)


small race cars, blocks, LEGOs, mini objects, bubbles, sidewalk chalk, etc.

Have you used these storage caddies for your speech therapy sessions? What materials do you include? Download a fun caddy label below!

I’ve included several color options so I hope you find one you can use! I’d love to see how you use the caddy in speech – tag me in your social media posts so I can share them on my account! —> @ashleyrossislp on Instagram!

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