/J/ Book List for Articulation Therapy

I created a picture book list inventory of my favorite /J/ sound books for articulation therapy. It’s a free download so you can put more energy into your speech therapy sessions rather than in researching books. Using a literacy-based approach to articulation therapy is supported by evidence but it can be very time-consuming – hopefully, this free download will save your productivity when selecting books to use in your speech therapy activities.

free list of /j/ sound picture books to use in speech therapy


The books I selected either have a high frequency of the /J/ sound or a word containing the sound is repeated throughout. I organized my list of /J/ books by initial, medial, and final. There is a column on the right of the inventory list for you to add your own notes if needed. I like to note where I can locate the book to save my productivity. For instance, I will label them as “mine,” or “library” if it’s a book I borrowed, etc.

You can print the complete list of /J/ sound books for articulation therapy at the bottom of this post. You can also see all of the recommended /J/ sound books on Amazon (affiliate link).

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Initial /J/ sound books for articulation:

Giraffes Can’t Dance by Giles Andreae​
The Spiffiest Giant In Town by Julia Donaldson
The House That Jack Built by Little Golden Books
SkippyJon Jones by Judy ​Schachner (series)
Bark, George by Jules Feiffer
Jump Frog, Jump! by Robert Kalan
Jabari Jumps by Gaia Cornwal (series)
Jack and Jill and Big Dog Bill by Martha Weston
Curious George by H. A. Ray (series)
Sheep in a Jeep by Nancy Shaw (series)
The Giant Jelly Bean Jar by Marcie Abof
Giraffes by Laura Marsh
Jabari Tries by Gaia Cornwall
Geraldine, the Music Mouse by Leo Lionni

Medial /J/ sound books for articulation:

The Proudest Blue by I. Muhammad & S. K. Ali
SkippyJon Jones by Judy ​Schachner (series)
Pajama Time! by Sandra Boynton​
Flashing Fire Engines by Tony Mitton
Don’t Let The Pigeon Drive The Bus by Mo Willams

Final /J/ sound books for articulation:

Curious George by H. A. ​Ray (series)
Bark, George by Jules Feiffer
The Little Blue Cottage by Kelly Jordan

Nonfiction topics for /J/ sound articulation:

The National Geographic books are a fantastic source for nonfiction texts. Here are a few topics you can see if there are books for:
– jaguar
– fire engines, Egypt
– bridges (Golden Gate Bridge, London Bridge, Brooklyn Bridge, etc)

I hope this list of /J/ books for articulation therapy helps you in therapy! DOWNLOAD BELOW!

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