Celebrating Read Across America in Speech Therapy

Read Across America is always a great time to incorporate new books.
Here are a few fun ways you can incorporate some Seuss fun too…
I have SO MANY great ideas on my Seuss! Pinterest board here.
I will be making 2 snacks for my therapy room this week:
One is a “Wacky Wednesday” snack. It is super easy!
It’s a mix of pretzels, M&Ms, animal crackers, marshmallows, peanuts, and
raisins. Really, you can do any combination of small dry items. Be careful about
the peanuts! I used animal crackers to tie in the “Put Me In The Zoo” and “If I
Ran the Zoo” books.
I simply put them in a snack size zipper bag, printed off the words: “Wacky
Wednesday Snack” in funky font and fun colors and taped it to the front! Super
quick and easy!
I also love making this sweet treat “Dr. Seuss Hats.”
How to make them:
Split an Oreo in half, then cut in half a large marshmallow and cut a strawberry into
thirds (I discard the strawberry tip). Stack them using the Oreo cookie as the
base, then strawberry, then marshmallow layered twice. Use a toothpick to keep
straight. It’s cute when they are a little topsy-turvy.
I’d love to hear how you are celebrating Dr. Seuss week!

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