The “Big Game” Football Theme in Speech Therapy

Football activities in speech therapy

Football Theme in Speech Therapy

We have fun celebrating the “BIG GAME” every February with a football theme in speech. I love Peyton Manning – former quarterback for the Colts and Broncos! I went to the University of Tennessee at the same time he was our quarterback, so we’re like BFFs…he just doesn’t know it. Anyway, I made this fun Lap Book the year he played in the Super Bowl and I update it every year. It’s an easy, interactive way to have fun with a football theme in speech therapy! 

Did you know Peyton had a cleft palate at birth? He had several surgeries to repair it…I love the tie into our speech world. You can read about it here:  http://karlschonborn.com/peyton-mannings-cleft-palate-super-bowl-qb-faced-challenges/
One language component I always focus on with my older kids is the team mascots! We research, discuss, and compare the two- this year: BUCCANEERS vs. CHIEFS. We look at WHY teams would pick those to represent their team. Look at symbolism – (a concept carries over into their literature classes!)
I also like to compare/contrast the cities (industry, climate, etc.) of the 2 teams. This year, 2021, Kansas City vs. San Fransisco – great differences here!
Here is a completed lap book – I update it every year.
Football activities in speech therapy

Football Lapbook for Speech Therapy:

  • team name and mascots
Inside –
  • Left: a short writing prompt for the student to say WHO they think will win and WHY (challenge them to come up with at least one reason.)
  • Center: a football field that you can use for descriptive writing (I used the EET method). The students can color the field after completing it.
  • Right side: a flap at the top is a pocket for their football “practice” words (get it, practice?)

If the lap book is too much, check out this football craft!

To download the football lap book, just enter your information below and I will send it to you!

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