The “Big Game” Football Theme in Speech Therapy

Football activities in speech therapy

Football Theme in Speech Therapy

Every February, we have a SUPER time in our speech therapy activities putting together this Super Bowl “lapbook.” You can download it for FREE! It’s a fun way to incorporate the two football teams competing in the Super Bowl – vocabulary, mascots, and professional biographies about the two quarterbacks! To get the free Super Bowl activity to use in your speech therapy sessions, just enter your email below!

One language component I always focus on with my older kids is the team mascots! This year, we research, discuss, and compare the two: BUCCANEERS vs. CHIEFS. We look at WHY teams would pick those to represent their team. Look at symbolism – (a concept that carries over into their literature classes!)
I also like to compare/contrast the two teams’ cities (industry, climate, etc.). This year, 2021, Kansas City vs. San Fransisco – significant differences here!
Here is a completed lapbook – I update it every year.
Football activities in speech therapy

Football Lapbook for Speech Therapy:

  • team name and mascots
Inside –
  • Left: a short writing prompt for the student to say WHO they think will win and WHY (challenge them to come up with at least one reason.)
  • Center: a football field that you can use for descriptive writing (I used the EET method). The students can color the field after completing it.
  • Right side: a flap at the top is a pocket for their football “practice” words (get it, practice?)
To download the FREE football lapbook, enter your information below, and I will send it to you!

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