Back to School Ideas for SLPs

An SLP's guide for back to school shopping - a collection of great ideas, tips and tricks!

Hey SLPs, let’s talk back to school shopping. NOT for the kids…for us! Why should kids have all the fun getting new supplies? I went shopping for some shiny new things to help me get excited about back to school. *No affiliate links, just my personal favorites. Read on to see what I found…download a #BTS FREEBIE, and enter my GIVEAWAY!!

So, I’m lucky to work at the same school as my boys. However, mornings are CRAZY to get out the door all at the same time. You know how I feel, right? To make mornings a little easier, I always have everything ready to go with my speech bag, purse, iPhone, car keys on my kitchen counter to grab in the morning. My out the door, no prep, go-to breakfast is this delicious CalNatural Svelte Organic Protein drink. My favorite is chocolate but they have 5 other flavors like vanilla and cappuccino. I love that it is certified organic, gluten free, low glycemic and has tons of fiber & protein. My boys love it too!! I buy it by the case HERE from Amazon. I have seen it at Whole Foods locally.
An SLP's guide for easy morning routine - great tips and ideas!
Did you see my pretty crocodile blue O-Ring? You guys. You NEED this. How many times have you jostled with things in your hands or spent time digging to the bottom of your purse looking for you car keys??? THIS will save your sanity…and it’s pretty. It is a bit spendy. But you will wonder why it took you so long to get one. If you follow me on Instagram, you recently saw my post of all the pretty colors my local shop has!!! You can order online here too if you don’t have a local store that sells them.
I pack lunch for the boys and me EVERY. SINGLE. DAY. I wanted a pretty lunchbox. I love Thirty One Bags and bought this beauty. You can have them monogrammed also. Check out all the new designs here.
I really like using glass bottles. The Lifefactory bottles are my favorite. They are SO much easier to throw into the dishwasher and not worry about and the heat of melting plastic! And who has time to hand wash? Not me.
Who loves Peachie Speechie apparel? This girl! I grabbed a new SLP shirt because it says it all! We do have the BEST job EVER!! Why not tell everyone! Her shirts are so, so soft and always fit perfectly. Get on her mailing list for great sales and promos.
An SLP's guide for Back to School shopping!

Of course I needed (another) mug. Can we ever have enough? So, confession… I’m not a coffee drinker regularly. But I do love tea in the afternoon. Here is my favorite- Egyptian Licorice Mint. The peppermint in it gives me a nice little afternoon perk. Yes, it tastes even better in my SLP mug from Peachie Speechy! You can enter to WIN one for yourself below!!

We all need snacks in the afternoon, right. I TRY to stay out of the teacher’s lounge…we all know that can be a dangerous place for cookies, and muffins. I love the Chobani flips! It’s a great little mix of protein (to make me feel better) and sweet (to meet my craving). So, I’ve stocked up on those from Costco!
Great Back To School Organization and Shopping ideas for the SLP
Recently at Target, I found this fun “pencil pouch,” in the back to school area. It is perfect for my computer mouse and cords. And it’s pretty! Can you tell my favorite color is purple?! Yes, I put my monogram on everything…like a good southern girl should!
So, every girl needs some back to school clothes and accessories. I typically shop at some smaller, local boutiques. I do have a slight addiction to online shopping as well.  On Instagram, I follow FlauntBoutique and The Find Auctions. It sometimes is just too easy to comment, “sold” and they email me an invoice and ship to my house!!
My beautiful friend, Dana, a designer with Keep Collective, a custom-designed jewelry company, only encourages my jewelry addiction.
Stylish and affordable jewelry pieces for teachers, SLPs, moms. The fall collection from Keep has great transitional accessories.


I just designed these two necklaces recently and I am so in love! They are both basic pieces that I can put with any outfit. One is rose gold with a black quartz charm and the other is silver with pearl charm. Follow Dana on Instagram, if you want to check out and shop beautiful, unique keeps. I’m giving away their best-selling pink silicone bracelet with gold LOVE script charm (see pic below). The best thing about Keep pieces, is that you can interchange all the charms!

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