Pirate Day in Speech Therapy Activities

Ideas for Pirate Day in Speech Therapy

Get some fun pirate day activities for your speech therapy room

Talk Like A Pirate Day is so fun! ARRRRR you ready? I’ve got a post FULL of fun activities & FREEBIES for your speech room! Amazon affiliate links included if you wish to purchase the items listed in this post through the links provided.
All of my students, young and older, love anything with pirates. My students request to play Pirate Talk board game every week it seems. Most of the time, I am using other cards to target articulation or language goals, but everyone loves the board game. Do you modify games too?
I love getting my students out of the therapy room and moving. This year we’re going on a pirate hunt for treasure! I designed it for different places around the school. The students have to read each of the clues to find the treasure.  I plan to pick up my students from their classroom, give them an eye patch (get a pack of 10 in the Target party section for $2.99) and the first clue. You can have them say their target words at each stop! Click on the picture to download the FREE treasure hunt clues. You can write in your own clues if you want to!

Download a FREE printable treasure hunt for Pirate Day!

The clues lead to the cafeteria, then the nurses office, then the gymnasium, and finally the last clue leads back to the speech room where there I have gold wrapped chocolates.
I made a “treasure box” in about 15 minutes. I used a clear container -anything with a rollback lid would work. I cut out a brown grocery sack. Crunched it up into a ball to kind of “weather it” then flattened it back out again. Wrap the container like a present with hidden tape. Used sharpie to draw the black lines down the top then filled it with gold wrapped candy (I used Rolo and Hershey’s Nuggets). I cut two strips of red paper for “X marks the spot!” So, so easy.

How to make an easy pirate treasure box!

Do your students love crafts and coloring? I found this idea on Pinterest using paint but I’m going to stick to crayons. Simply trace their hand, turn upside down and the fingers are the beard, top and thumb are the bandanas. Add teeth, eyes, and a pirate patch! Simple and cute!

Great ideas for Talk Like A Pirate Day crafts, activities and free downloads for speech thearapy

There are some really great pirate-themed books that I love. Here are two of my favorites:

How I Became A Pirate by Melinda Long and David Shannon. It really taps into the imagination of a child. It really offers great language opportunities to discuss, “What if?”
I Spy Treasure Hunt The I Spy series is fantastic for speech therapy. The riddles are fun and it challenges them think, explore and search visually, and problem solve. This particular book is probably suited for 8 years and up.
My favorite pirate themed books for speech therapy
One more fun FREE idea to download… kids LOVE this activity! “What’s My Pirate Name?” Simply use the first letters of your first, middle, and last name to create your pirate name. Mine would be “Cutlass Dark Jolly.” Ha! Click on the picture to print and let your students have fun finding their pirate name.
FREE download!! What's Your Pirate Name! So fun with kids!

I love NO PREP activities. Kids love dice too so I created a pirate themed activity for my best-selling TpT product lines: Dice and Dot For Speech & Language: Pirates

I hope you have gotten some great ideas for incorporating Talk Like A Pirate Day!
Don’t forget to get your TWO FREE DOWNLOADS above and have fun with your pirate mateys!

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