Fall Books in Speech Therapy: Otis and the Scarecrow FREEBIE included!

What fall books are you reading in your speech rooms? So many themed books to enrich your therapy sessions. Scarecrows, tractors, apples, turkeys…. so many more. Read on to get some book ideas and a freebie to download.

you are familiar with the Otis the Tractor books, you will not be disappointed
with the fifth in the series, Otis and the Scarecrow by Loren Long. I like to
refer to him as “Otis the empathetic tractor.”

 Otis and the Scarecrow has great vocabulary words for middle school - here is a list of words from this great book

the farmer places a scarecrow in the cornfield, Otis and the farm
animals try to make friends, but the scarecrow remains silent with a sour look
on his face. 
This is a great book to discuss friendship and what a good friend
connection we can make as SLPs with some of our students is the scarecrow to
the outsider in the classroom. Often students don’t know what to think of the
kids who are new or kids who struggle socially and academically. If someone
doesn’t act “quite right,” they are often left alone. You can discuss how the bull
“snarled, huffed, and walked away.” Otis is a great example that it only takes
one good friend to help others come around with subtle acts of compassion.
I love in this book: ripe, scattered,
creature, sour, musty, tattered, perched, bare, plump, eager, drifting,
rambunctious, shocks of corn fodder, sternly, hesitation, intently, battered,
scampered, sauntered,
and uttered.
of these words are found in 5th and 6th grade vocabulary
studies. Read-alouds are great opportunities to introduce and discuss them in
Click here for a freebie for you to download to use!

students love these templates to put in their writing notebooks.

are 3 pages of the above words and one blank one (in case you do not want to
use all that I have given and want to make your own- just have the students
write the ones you choose).
the students cut around the outside and on the dotted lines. Paste the long
left side only onto notebook paper, construction paper, or into their writing
journal. Have them lift each vocabulary word strip and write the meaning of the
words or use them in a sentence. We do this together- have the students write
the meaning in their own words or use a synonym. Dictionary definitions are NOT
meaningful and will not stick. 
There is also a writing prompt (2 per page) for you use.

did Otis first feel? He was happy
that a new friend had come to the farm.
happened when Otis went to welcome him? The scarecrow didn’t smile or say
hello. He just stood there with a sour look on his face.
did the bull do when the scarecrow just stood there? He snarled, huffed and
turned away.
was Otis’ job on the farm that season? He pulled the wagon for kids to pick out
did the animals go when it started to rain? They all went under the tree.
did Otis do when he noticed the scarecrow getting wet? He went to go stand with
did the other animals do after they saw Otis with the scarecrow? They went to
stand there too.
hope you will use the book Otis and the Scarecrow soon in your speech room and that you can use these printable activities along with it!
fall books and how I use them in my speech room coming each week. 
fall y’all!

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