Easy & Functional Speech Therapy Crafts

Easy Speech Therapy Crafts

If I’m being honest, I’m not really one for glitter and glue. My therapy time is limited and I work hard to maximize my time with students in therapy. If it’s not functional, I’m not doing it. However, I do love being creative and I know parents appreciate seeing their kid’s work come home – especially for the holidays! I designed these simple crafts to pair with the Dice and Dot resources to intentionally incorporate their articulation and language goals. They are all opaque – you can print them on any color card stock. Or print on white card stock and have students color them! Here are my favorite easy and functional speech therapy crafts!

What you need:

DICE AND DOT: First, make sure you have the Battle-Style Dice and Dot resource from my Teachers Pay Teachers store.  Kids practice their words using the Dice and Dot pages, then punch them out to glue on the crafts. The “dots” are exactly 1 inch and punch out easily using a 1 inch hole punch.Dice and Dot Speech Therapy crafts

CRAFTS: Next, download the holiday and seasonal Craft Kits from my Teachers Pay Teachers store. These kits also come with bulletin board letters for you to use to display student’s work- functional room decor! I do have several FREE crafts here on my blog (no bulletin board letters included in these free sets).

MATERIALS: Grab a glue stick, scissors, and a 1 inch hole punch!

Get crafty in speech!

STEP 1: Print the Dice and Dot pages your students are working on. Use your dot markers or crayons as you practice. Get in multiple repetitions!

STEP 2: Cut the columns into strips to make punching out the dots easier (see picture above). Then have the students punch out the dots (another opportunity to practice).

STEP 3: Print the craft pages (each holiday/seasonal set comes with 2 options) and cut out.

STEP 4: Students glue the dots to the craft (a final opportunity to practice)…see how many repetitions they are getting?!

Speech Therapy Crafts

Final thoughts. I know we all want our students to have “fun” in speech. We do need “buy in” for many of them. However, carefully evaluate how much actual therapy intervention time you spend during your sessions. Make sure your activities always are rooted in maximizing intervention.

If the craft itself is taking too much time, then put it away, focus on the articulation or language targets and put the craft into a ziploc bag and send it home to be assembled.

If you’d like to see a video walk through, check out my “CRAFTS/BB” highlights on my Instagram profile.

I hope you’ll check out all the fun crafts for speech therapy in my TpT store!

You can also download these organization labels to easily store the bulletin board letters to use year after year and all the craft templates!

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