Dive into the Mother Bruce Book Series for Speech Therapy – Episode 51


When we find a book series we like, we consume all of the books they have to offer and find ways to incorporate them into our speech therapy sessions. One book series that’s gaining popularity and we’re enjoying right now is the Mother Bruce book series. There are 9 books in total, with 3 Little Bruce books as well. Just a heads up that we’re not discussing all of the books in the series because we believe that 4 are better to be read at home or for a fun read-aloud in the classroom. With the books we are discussing, we’re going to dive further into the Mother Bruce book series, how you can use them during speech therapy, and which key concepts to target the most. 

Although each Mother Bruce book is different, there are a few key concepts that are consistent throughout each book. Those are negation, sequencing, illustration study, SEL concept, and character analysis. At the beginning of the episode, we share examples from the books you can reference to highlight the targeted key concept for a student’s speech or language goal. Additionally, we’re going through the 7 books we’d use in speech therapy, key concepts to target, our age recommendation, and a brief summary. This allows you to know which books you want to use during your own speech therapy sessions. The Mother Bruce book series has some great books you can use with your students, so be sure to add them to your library after this episode! 

Topics Discussed:

  • Which Mother Bruce books we’d use during our speech therapy sessions
  • Reasons why we’re not discussing 4 books in the Mother Bruce series
  • A list of key concepts that are consistent throughout all of the books in the series and examples from the books you can reference
  • Summaries, age recommendations, and key concepts of the 7 Mother Bruce books we dive into 
  • Why this series would be great as a unit study to see the similarities and differences of each book

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