Our Favorite EI and Preschool Engaging Books for Speech Therapy – Episode 50


As a busy SLP, we know that you serve a variety of students of various ages, abilities, skill levels, and interests. So, it’s part of our goal to make sure we’re providing you with the right tools and books to best serve your students in speech therapy. A group we don’t typically cover is books for early intervention and preschool-aged children. Last week, we had Jenna Rayburn on the podcast, where she shared which books are best for preschool students. This got us thinking about our own favorites, and we wanted to share them with you. So, in today’s episode, we’re sharing our top early intervention and preschool books to engage your students with during speech therapy.

During this episode, we want to specifically focus on books for those students who struggle with joint attention, which is why we chose the most engaging books and our own personal favorites. These types of books include lift the flap, touch and feel, rhyming, repetitive phrases, using story props, sing-songy, and open-to-dialogic reading strategies. As we mention our list of early intervention and preschool books, we’re highlighting which specific speech and language concepts you can target since we want to focus on those deeper language concepts. If you’re an SLP looking to build your library of books or a parent searching for engaging books to read with your young kids, this is the list for you!

Topics Discussed:

  • A list of our favorite early intervention and preschool books that are engaging and targeted for students who struggle with joint attention
  • Which type of book we’re discussing, such as lift the flap, touch and feel, and rhyming
  • The specific speech and language concepts you can target with each book
  • A few books we don’t recommend for speech therapy because they’re too distracting for students

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