Our Favorite Winter Picture Books in Speech Therapy – Episode 32


With the winter season officially in full swing, it’s only fitting to provide you with a list of picture books you can use during your speech therapy sessions. Whether you live in a place where it’s cold and snowy or it’s sunny and hot outside, inside your classroom you can create a cozy and winter environment with these winter books. In today’s episode, we’re sharing our 10 favorite winter picture books and how to best use them in your speech therapy sessions.

Our favorite winter picture books consist of a variety of texts that each have their own message, while still focusing on many key teaching points. We offer a brief summary of each book and give an age recommendation so you can pick the book that best aligns with the goals of your students. We have chosen these books for a reason, but there are some we would highly recommend adding to your personal library. Create a winter experience with one or all of our favorite winter picture books! 

Topics Discussed:

  • A top 10 list of our favorite winter picture books in speech therapy
  • Topics each book covers, particularly related to key teaching points
  • Which books we’d recommend you add to your personal library
  • A list of books that have diverse characters or can be used with middle school students

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