How To: A Deeper Look At Book Selection Using Our Key Teaching Points – Episode 28


In many of our episodes, you hear us mention our Key Teaching Points when we recommend or discuss books on a deeper level. This is our method for taking inventory on books and all their relevant speech and language concepts. When using these for selecting books, it ultimately saves you time and increases the productivity time with your students. Whether you’ve used these in the past or are brand new to them, we’re taking a deeper look into our key teaching points and examining the specific language concepts that are critical to language and literacy development.

As busy SLPs, you want an easy, organized, and efficient document to see which books showcase specific concepts to use during your speech language therapy sessions. With so many students who have a wide variety of goals, utilizing our key teaching points helps you best use your time. In this how-to episode, we highlight each key concept in the key teaching points document, why they’re critical to your student goals, and examples of books each concept is best used in. Make sure to download our key teaching points to better enhance your speech therapy sessions! 

Topics Discussed:

  • A deep dive into our key teaching points
  • Key concepts that are research based highlighted in our key teaching points
  • How key teaching points saves you time and increases productivity
  • Reasons why highlighting specific language concepts are critical to literacy and language development

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