The Night Before Thanksgiving book in Speech Therapy

Frequent Speech Sounds:

/th/ initial


clever thinking

Book Details:

Diverse Characters: Yes
Age Recommendation: Early Childhood, Elementary

‘Twas the Night Before Thanksgiving

By Dav Pilkey

On the day before Thanksgiving, a group of children visit a turkey farm and meet Farmer Mack Nuggett and his coop of cockerels: Ollie, Stanley, Larry, Moe, Wally, Beaver, Shemp, and Groucho. The children and turkeys giggle and gobble, and everything is gravy. As the trip comes to an end, the children leave the farm with full hearts — and bulging bellies — reminding people and poultry alike that there is much to be thankful for.

This funny Thanksgiving book can be used in speech therapy when targeting vocabulary and verbs. It is also great for noticing character actions! Discover more of the speech and language teaching concepts for using “Twas The Night Before Thanksgiving in speech therapy below:

Key Teaching concepts

Narrative Structure:

complete episode

Narrative Concepts:

problem solving
illustration study
phonological awareness


terrains, clatter, rugged, polyester, rapid, embraces, fetched, and more!


verbs – regular past tense
verbs – irregular past tense

Phonological Awareness:



What will happen to the turkeys?

Problem Solving:

The students didn’t like what would happen to the turkeys so they came up with a clever plan.

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