using Ollie's Easter Eggs in speech therapy
Frequent Speech Sounds:

/g/ initial
/l/ medial



Book Details:
Diverse Characters: N/A
Age Recommendation: Early Childhood

Ollie’s Easter Eggs

By Olivier Dunrea

Gossie, Gertie, BooBoo, and Peedie are all dyeing Easter eggs. Ollie wants Easter eggs too and he has a plan on how he’ll get them! Humor and vibrant ink-and-watercolor illustrations fill Olivier Dunrea’s holiday follow-up to Merry Christmas, Ollie. Dunrea again gets the preschooler emotions exactly right, capturing a range of holiday-inspired feelings, from Ollie’s wiggly impatience to be included to the pure joy of the older goslings discovering that Ollie has arranged the best Easter egg hunt of all.

This funny spring and Easter book can be used in speech therapy to address predicting, inferencing, and sequencing. It is also great for targeting /g/ and /l/ sounds! Discover more of the speech and language teaching concepts for using Ollie’s Easter Eggs in speech therapy below:

Key Teaching Concepts

Narrative Structure:

complete episode

Narrative Concepts:

illustration study


order of places the eggs are hidden, looked for, and hatched


gather, dye, egg, tulip, turtle, scoot, search, hunt, scurry, gosling


How do you think the others will feel when they go back to find their eggs?
How do they feel when they see the goslings?


What do you think Ollie is going to do?
Where do you think they will look for the eggs?
What do you think they will find at the end?

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