speech and language teaching concepts for Let's Meet A Construction Worker in speech therapy​ ​

Frequent Speech Sounds:

/er/ medial and final
/m/ initial
/or/ final
/w/ initial
/k/ initial and medial


community helpers

Book Details:

Diverse Characters: Yes
Age Recommendation: Elementary

Let’s Meet A Construction Worker

By Bridget Heos

What do construction workers do? Some lucky kids are about to find out! They visit Mr. Moore, a construction worker who's helping to build a new school. He shows them machines that dig big holes. He explains how he follows the building plans. And he tells about different workers and how they stay safe. Hooray for construction workers!

This descriptive community helpers book can be used in speech therapy to address sequencing. It is also great for targeting action verbs and adjectives for describing! Discover more of the speech and language teaching concepts for using Let's Meet A Construction Worker in speech therapy below:

Key Teaching concepts

Narrative Structure:

descriptive sequence

Narrative Concepts:

illustration study​
verbs (action)
verbs (present progressive)
text features​


order of events when building


construction zone, community, excavator, guide, carpenter, architect, apprentices, concrete, masons, recycle

Figurative Language:

onomatopoeias (beep, crunch)


verbs (action)
verbs (present progressive)

Text Features:

enlarged text
thought bubbles
change in font
moving text
change in text color
bold text


Why do you think they need to stay outside the fence?
How do you think the lead carpenter is different from the others?
Why do you think the leaf carpenter and the architect need to work together?
Why is it important for the workers to follow their safety rules?
Why is it important to recycle and use Earth friendly material?

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