speech and language teaching concepts for Happy Springtime in speech therapy

Frequent Speech Sounds:



changing of seasons

Book Details:

Diverse Characters: N/A
Age Recommendation: Early Childhood, Elementary

Happy Springtime

By Kate McMullan

This bright, bouncy, and deliriously colorful picture book is an ode to the joys of spring, encouraging everyone who waits out the slow lengthening of days through the end of winter. From earmuffed crossing guards to sweater wearing dogs, from painters of flowers to planters of seeds, Happy Springtime! celebrates the burst of life following the thaw of winter.

This brightly illustrated Spring book can be used in speech therapy to discuss the changing of seasons. It is also great for targeting inferencing and describing! Discover more of the speech and language teaching concepts for using Happy Springtime in speech therapy below: 

Key Teaching concepts

Narrative Structure:

action sequence

Narrative Concepts:

illustration study
text features
sensory language** I added this.


sandbox, unfurling, painters, shoots, soil, moss, celebrate ,rejoice


verbs (action)
verbs (present progressive)

Text Features:

colored font for emphasis
different spacing for emphasis


How do you know that it is Winter in the story?
What does Winter look and feel like?
How do you know that Spring is coming?
What does Spring look and feel like?

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