speech and language teaching concepts for Chicken Said "Cluck!" in speech therapy​ ​
Frequent Speech Sounds:

/er/ initial, medial and final
/l/ final
/sh/ initial
/kl/ initial and final
/ch/ initial
/k/ medial
/gr/ initial



Book Details:
Diverse Characters: N/A
Age Recommendation: Early Childhood

Chicken Said, “Cluck!”

By Judyann Ackerman Grant

This hilarious and award-winning beginning reader is filled with simple, repetitive sentences and illustrated with bright artwork depicting Chicken’s funny expressions and poses. Chicken Said, “Cluck!” is sure to make beginning readers ask to enjoy this delightful reading experience again and again. Earl and Pearl are growing pumpkins, and Chicken wants to help. Earl and Pearl dig the garden and plant the seeds, and water and weed…but Chicken only wants to scratch in the dirt. Earl and Pearl don’t want Chicken around, so they shoo her away. But then one day grasshoppers come to the garden, and Chicken proves herself useful.

This silly rhyming farm book can be used in speech therapy to address inferencing, verbs and repetitive text. Discover more of the speech and language teaching concepts for using Chicken Said, “Cluck!” in speech therapy below:

Key Teaching Concepts

Narrative Structure:

action sequence

Narrative Concepts:

verbs (action)
verbs (regular past tense)
verbs (irregular past tense)
text features​
phonological awareness​
repetitive text​


verbs (action)
verbs (regular past tense)
verbs (irregular past tense)

Text Features:

repetitive text

Phonological Awareness:



What does chicken want?
Why is chicken scratching?
What do Earl and Pearl think about chicken’s help?
Why do they shoo chicken away?
What did the chicken think about the grasshopper?
What did Earl and Pearl think at the end?


What will happen to the pumpkins?
What will the grasshopper(s) do?
What will chicken do?

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