using a stone sat still in speech therapy
Frequent Speech Sounds:

/st/ initial


earth day
climate change

Book Details:
Diverse Characters: N/A
Age Recommendation: Early Childhood, Elementary, Late Elementary

A Stone Sat Still

By Brendan Wenzel

A Stone Sat Still tells the story of a seemingly ordinary rock—but to the animals that use it, it is a resting place, a kitchen, a safe haven…even an entire world. This is a gorgeous exploration of perspective, perception, and the passage of time, with an underlying environmental message that is timely and poignant.

This rhythmic spring and Earth Day book can be used in speech therapy to address issues such as climate change. It is also great for noticing illustrations and for targeting adjectives, predicting, and personification as well as for the /st/ sound! Discover more of the speech and language teaching concepts for using A Stone Sat Still in speech therapy below: 

Key Teaching Concepts

Narrative Structure:

descriptive sequence

Narrative Concepts:

illustration study
figurative language
repetitive text


stone, wild, home, kitchen, throne, marker, map, maze, haven, stage, blink, age, island, memory

Figurative Language:

personification of the stone
sensory language



Text Features:

repetitive text


How does each animal feel/think about the stone?


How do you think each animal will use the stone?
How do you think each animal got there?
What do you think each animal will do next?
How do you think it will change?
What do you think will happen to the stone next?
Where do you think the stone will end up?

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