How and Why to Target Reading in Speech Therapy with Elizabeth Doherty – Episode 60


As speech-language pathologists, we focus a lot of our time with students on developing their speech and oral language. However, an aspect that we’re starting to focus on is reading. Even though reading is in our wheelhouse, research has shown that SLPs feel less confident in teaching or focusing on it during their speech therapy sessions. Our guest on the podcast, Elizabeth Doherty, is a private practice SLP in NYC who also has associate-level training through the Orton-Gillingham Academy. In this episode, Elizabeth shares why you should target reading during your speech therapy sessions and how you can feel more confident in this area.

Elizabeth’s journey as an SLP took a turn when she realized the discrepancy between the work she was doing with students and the work done in the classroom, specifically related to reading. When she began to focus on reading, she dove right in to learn and gather all the knowledge she could. 

She shares why an explicit scope and sequence is important to an approach to reading and how to learn through Orton-Gillingham. Elizabeth even created her own professional development course for those busy SLPs who want more information on why to target reading during their speech therapy sessions. Elizabeth has more to share, so join us next week as she talks about practical aspects of how to structure your therapy sessions. 

Topics Discussed:

  • Elizabeth shares why to target reading and how it became her passion as an SLP
  • Overview of the Orton-Gillingham approach and the different training levels for it
  • Why SLPs should use an explicit scope and sequence when focusing on reading during your speech therapy sessions
  • A list of books, professional development courses, and trainings Elizabeth recommends to learn more information about reading
  • A preview of next week’s episode where Elizabeth discusses how she structures her therapy sessions

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