Welcome to The Literacy-Based Speech Podcast!


Welcome to The Literacy-Based Speech Podcast! We are Speech-Language Pathologists and your hosts, Ashley and Kalin.

We’ve created this podcast to help show you how to best incorporate picture books into your therapy sessions. Our strategies are evidence-based so you can feel confident in the information that we’ll share!

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The Literacy-Based Speech Podcast

Do you want to use picture books more in your speech therapy sessions, but have no idea where to start? OR are you already using books in therapy but find it time-consuming to find the RIGHT book and identify relevant speech and language concepts?

You’re in the right place! The Literacy-Based Speech Podcast will help you feel confident in your book choices and instructional decisions. We’ll give you the tools you need to intentionally maximize your sessions!

Meet Your Hosts

Join co-hosts Ashley and Kalin from Sweet Southern Speech each week as they share evidence-based and SLP-approved strategies to use picture books more efficiently and effectively in your speech therapy sessions.