Our Favorite S Sound Picture Books for Speech Therapy: Part 1 – Episode 62


When working with students on their speech sounds, especially in a literacy-based approach, it’s important to incorporate books with those sounds for students to practice with. We spend a lot of our episodes going over books with specific themes or literacy concepts, so we wanted to dedicate a few episodes focusing on books with high-frequency speech sounds. The first speech sound is the /s/ sound. So, in today’s episode, we’re sharing our favorite /s/ sound picture books that you can use in your speech therapy sessions.

As we share our list of books, we’re including books in four different categories, which are the /ts/ blend, initial /s/ sound, medial /s/ sound, and final /s/ sound. This will help you choose books that target the specific speech goal your students are working on. And while each of our favorite /s/ sound picture books has strong language concepts, please note it’s not the main reason we’re sharing them with you. While sharing each book, we discuss relevant language concepts, age recommendations, and examples of each speech sound found in the book. So, if you’re looking for books with great /s/ sounds, check out our favorite picture book list! 

Topics Discussed:

  • A list of our favorite /s/ sound picture books
  • The four categories of /s/ sounds we cover, which are the /ts/ blend, initial /s/, medial /s/, and final /s/
  • Why each book’s strong language concepts are not our main focus for choosing them
  • Other themed books you can choose that have strong /s/ sounds in them

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