using The Golden Acorn in speech therapy

Frequent Speech Sounds:

/r/ and /r/ blends


being a part of a team

Book Details:

Diverse Characters: N/A
Age Recommendation: Early Childhood, Elementary

The Golden Acorn

By Katy Hudson

Squirrel takes off at full speed through the autumn leaves. But pump the brakes, because this year The Golden Nut Hunt race it is a team event. Squirrel reluctantly enlists her friends and is not impressed. Squirrel must learn how to be a team player.

This energetic fall-themed picture book is a fun read full of expressive text features throughout. It is also great for addressing character analysis as well as social/emotional concepts such as, forgiveness and teamwork. Discover more of the speech and language teaching concepts for using The Golden Acorn in speech therapy below: 

Key Teaching concepts

Narrative Structure:

complete episode

Narrative Concepts:

character growth
text features


strategy, trophy, annual, tangled, forest, lonely, etc.

Character Analysis:

Squirrel is proud and focused on winning, but realizes her friends are more important than obtaining another trophy for her collection.


Squirrel’s reactions
body language
facial expressions
ways to act as a team


verbs (action)

Text Features:

changes in font
text included in illustrations
repetitive text

If you are interested in using The Golden Acorn in speech therapy, then check out the book companion with the full lesson plans and activities.